4 Ways Instagram can be used for B2B Marketing


Believe it or not! Our virtual photo & live-streaming album app known as Instagram has taken dominance amongst not only millennials, Gen Z’ers and B2C brands, but even the industry-orientated B2B marketers are starting to have fun incorporating a more visual, experiential marketing experience for their online audiences.

With this social media network accommodating over 600 million worldwide users posting mighty streams of photos, video and live-streamed moments of their everyday lives, Instagram is a treasure chest of pictorial data and information from the eyes of a B2C marketer.

Whether you market within retail, hospitality, apparel, or travel, there’s always a juicy spot on Instagram where your buzzing online community craves great, alluring visuals from a swipe of their smartphones.


But what about B2B’ers? This sector does have great impact and significance on driving economic empowerment from business partnerships.

Nothing to worry about B2B Marketers. If many renowned brands such as Microsoft, Deloitte Digital and Intel have successfully established their ‘Insta-presence’, what is hindering your visual success?

And no! Please don’t give the excuse that these companies are established with great reputation in their sectors. It’s just about finding your niche and applying the basic marketing principles VISUALLY this time.



1)  Humanise your Content


Your potential followers or target audience doesn’t always want to always see visuals of your brand dealerships, company acquisitions, or financial success every trading period.

Is that fun to look at from your IOS or Android, even as a business individual?

Simple, engaging pictures and videos of work colleagues or executive teams having a laugh in the office, playing a competitive ping-pong match or card games attracts a lot of attention on Instagram.

Not only are you marketing your B2B company’s culture on Instagram, but you are also enhancing your online reputation to potential prospects that you have a fantastic ethos of ‘working hard, playing hard’ amongst your co-workers; not stressing them out with the industry worries.



2) Tell a Visual Story


Everyone loves eye-catching imagery don’t we?  This is what accentuates and fortifies the online experience of social media.

The B2B world isn’t always about corporate buildings of coffee breaks, ‘heads-down-computers-up’ employees, visiting clientele, vendors and executive board members.

Gain permission from the management team as a company social media/digital marketing manager, freelancer or outsourced marketing agency guy, and take interesting, relevant pictures, short 20-30 sec videos or live-streamed media on Instagram Stories. This is to narrate on ‘How things happen’ in chronological order within the workplace when earning new followers and notoriety amongst your target audience.

No one turns down a good story audibly when someone’s got something to say. What makes you think people won’t be captivated visually?


3) Product & Service Showcasing


By this, product and service showcasing doesn’t mean inundating your followers’ base with your B2B offerings for a cold sale. You’re not an amateur marketer posting up ‘Buy now!to a professional audience.

When your firm has just launched a new product or revamped a more technological, efficient way of completing tasks profitably; be proud of your corporate achievements and showcase them.

Edit your images or videos in a presentable, alluring manner that even the oblivious Instagram user browsing around the random-search tab will stop and check you out.

Boast of not only your commercial work, but your photography skills, inputting a detailed yet concise caption, and finishing off with ideal, industry keywords for hashtags (Ideally 5-7 is great for increased visibility to potential fans & clients).


4) Optimise your Contact Us profile button


Whether you’re a consulting firm, accountancy, marketing agency or media production company, every mean of communication counts!

Your marketing team handling the CRM databases wishes to ensure that the company’s Instagram page is visually enticing and compelling enough for call-to-actions to occur.

Enquiries by phone and email messages sent only signify that you have great visual material enough to generate warm leads from your product or service offering. That’s if your prospects aren’t price-fishing around with other potential vendors they can later choose over you.

Take advantage and nurture the leads when this happens, learn about your potential client’s needs and problems, ask for feedback on whether they’ve come across your Instagram profile and what they liked, and understand how YOUR offering is their ONLY solution.

The worst they can do is simply say ‘No thanks, I’m not interested anymore’ or not respond to your emails.

As upsetting as that can be for any marketer, learn to approach it rationally within business as you are only going to get stronger when guiding prospects down the sales funnel; even on social media too.


Moreover, when updated with the right content to visually engage; Instagram is certainly NOT impossible to optimise its pictorial power from a B2B perspective. B2B marketers fear that their sectors can be visually tedious, yet with creativity and genuine human traits to it; you too can be a Insta pro with B2B industries.

What’s your B2B market? Have you ever tried marketing on Instagram before? If you have, what are your views or experiences with it?

We’d love to hear your feedback.


By Peter Turay Jr. (Founder & MD)


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