Has YouTube Marketing overrode TV?


Anyone can be on YouTube nowadays; it’s just a matter of having a:

  • Laptop
  • Internet or Wi-Fi connection
  • Smartphone, DSLR or industry-standard camera
  • Video-editing software (IF you want it to look great)
  • Some camera equipment bought off Amazon
  • Great, engaging topic or message

and voillaaa……… you’ve got your video uploaded onto the world’s best video search engine in existence.

How many of us think we can do the same with TV?


The Evolution of YouTube



The power of video marketing plays a great deal of our 8-second attention spanners when consuming relevant content, be it educational, funny jokes, surveillance of world events, entertainment; and of course – marketing messages too.

From 3 ex-PayPal workers wanting to share party video footage with their friends online, to creating a phenomenal web experience of content; who could have imagined 10 years ago video would play such an integral part of how we process information every day?

On the train, during lunch-break, a WhatsApp broadcast, your online search query or even before bed; we’re hitting that red play button aren’t we?

YouTube’s infancy back then has evolved into an online media-streaming mammoth hasn’t it? I guess video outreach is irresistible as part of our digital habits and growing at commercially exuberant rates amongst businesses too.


Capturing Millennials  & Gen X’ers

With cool DSLR cameras becoming affordable and accessible for young millennials and Gen X’ers, this popular video site’s glamour has allured them to hone online presentation and videography skills.

dslr-in-action   catching-graffiti

Who are they seen as in society today? – YouTubers!

 Not only do they create their own virtual channel with topics disseminated for their targeted viewers and fans (or subscribers you can say), these digital advocates as young as 16 or 17 carve out their own video portfolio of becoming influencer marketers.

Am I right or wrong?


These individuals not only becoming internet superstars for quality video content they’re known for, but even businesses, brands and inspirational leaders have witnessed YouTube’s power when providing experiences of their products, services and company culture.

Sounds like a juicy opportunity to optimise digital marketing right?

Millenials and Gen X’ers are prominently the tech-savy types of today. Any marketer with a target audience fitting these demographics must observe how great of an opportunity it is to leverage a YouTube channel; thereby increasing your next campaign’s reach and likelihood of resonating with them and their consumer habits.

Yet, with how YouTube’s features for online viewers are on-demand based on the content YOU want to watch at WHATEVER time; this challenges our traditional box set’s effectiveness when advertising commercial messages.

YouTube literally means ‘My Digital TV’ so the platform grants these audiences with greater control over what content they choose unlike TV, where you have to distract yourself with smartphones, food or toilet breaks.

The question remains – ‘Does YouTube deliver greater ROI than TV?


Less Marketing Investment

Simple question – ‘If you’re a start-up business or brand with a limited marketing budget, would you go for YouTube or TV marketing?

Most of you reading this know the answer already!











Why invest in a bank loan or conserve a few years’ income savings to appear for 30 seconds on TV, when you can upload hours worth of custom video content to YouTube?

Sure, you may need to hire a camera operator/director/editor when creating a new video; yet I’d rather invest into that or teach myself how to create and edit videos for my own YouTube presence.

What TV or media station can you learn those creative skills at a low cost?

Many small businesses and brands with great ideas have penetrated their targeted market or sector with niche video content; thereby attracting the audience profitably towards their message.

Just think of the billions of search queries made worldwide on Google everyday and translate that to video with YouTube?

Even back in April 2016, Google witnessed how its video subsidiary drove higher ROI 80% of the time for advertisers and marketers.1   This included brand awareness online which led to conversion.

The way our world is heading with digital, traditional advertisers must make a shift to adapt to our contemporary digital trends of marketing. Otherwise, you will be left behind as times change and people and things move on.

Digital video just makes it much easier for marketers to create ANYTIME over booking a TV slot for a limited time.


Will TV make a comeback?



Despite the rivalry for the attention of millennials and Gen X’ers, recently in December 2016 according to Marketing Week; YouTube & TV are considering collaboration together as influential mediums when targeting 16-34 years olds.2

Guess the marketing spar between these 2 broadcasters has been cancelled. Make amends YouTube and TV!

As ThinkBox’s CEO, Lindsey Clay is delighted about Google’s acknowledgement of TV’s significance amongst advertisers of big companies; a promising relationship and future between online video and TV is at reach.3

How long will this relationship last is the question?


 If you’re a Fortune 500 company with an excessive marketing budget and dynamic marketing department, you can afford to use both YouTube and TV advertising.

Yet if you’re a start-up bakery or DIY business for local firms, you’re going to have to lower the ranks and costs by optimising YouTubing with a videographer or outsourcing to a marketing agency to manage your online profile.

Adapt to marketing’s latest trends and exploit to your advantage, as there’s always a way to be creative with your industry on video.

Has YouTube conquered the video scope over TV?  What are your thoughts on how digital TV works in your sector.

Looking forward to your comments and views below.



1) https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/nordics/research-study/youtube-challenges-tv-on-advertising-roi/

 2&3) https://www.marketingweek.com/2016/12/13/youtube-now-wants-work-tv/


(By Peter Turay Jr. – Founder & MD)








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